Services and Products

Custom designs and furniture is about form and function coming together as one to represent elegant and bespoke pieces to suit our needs and environments.

For over 15 years, LoftDesigners™ has been working with the leading indoor/outdoor furniture manufacturers and designers to interpret ideas, exploring form and experimenting with a myriad of substrates, finishes and textures to create truly unique, stunning designs for commercial and residential spaces. Canadian owned LoftDesigners™ solutions and products services local, national and international clients through standard and bespoke contracts. 

Apart from our standard range, we specialize in custom pieces representing foremost in-door and out-door furniture manufacturers globally. Working closely with prestige commercial / residential architects, developers and designers, LoftDesigners™ creates and builds anything you can dream up. Due to our extensive furniture portfolio and agreements with leading manufacturers, LoftDesigners has a 6-8-week turnaround; hence our clients don’t have to wait for 3-6 months to receive products from overseas.

LoftDesigners™ is able to accommodate short lead times, any changes to your project, and complete customization from concept to finished interior and exterior designs. 

Contact us today to discover any design and furniture re-imagined.